Saturday, June 13, 2009


he's the only one make me crazy in my fuckin life evrydayy.OMG! i ta sngke I sndiri putuskn hbgn kite.ouh yeahh you know what.this is life.sometime we in high place and sometime we down.we donnoe how it happen but dis true! ahhhh i hate myself.i donnoe what should i do to our relation like i said so so cruel coz make you crying and leave you alone.bie, until now i still love you but please. Im chnge because of you.i hope you understand and pleaseeeee i dont mean it to hurt you.i accpt 'him' even i ta sayang die like i sayang you.ahhhh Im so stupid!I hope this all just my bad dream and I hope you still in my arm :[ but life must go on.i must try to accpt other guy to love and take a good care of me.I really love you. I dont mean it syggg. I am sorry. I hope you forgive me.forget about our promises,forget about me and forget about everything :[ I hope you understand.this is last time i said I love you E

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